On The Spot CPR Training

CPR is a teachable skill and can save a life!


On The Spot CPR Training offers courses in both Lee County and Lehigh Acres County, including the Sanibel Island area.

We provide a variety of courses, including Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR for Healthcare Providers (HCP), Family & Friends CPR, HeartSaver® First Aid, and HeartSaver® CPR AED.

For more information about our upcoming CPR courses, please visit our primary location of your choice: Fort Myers. To schedule your own course, including group training, please fill out our contact form.

Renewing CPR Certification

On The Spot CPR Training respects that your time is valuable, and knows that you’re likely already doing CPR on a daily basis. We want to make your certification renewal as quick & painless as possible!

Save time by completing the online course through the American Heart Association online ($22), where you’ll watch the video and take the test during your own time.

Then, print your certificate and make an appointment with us ($40). We’ll accommodate your schedule to set up a time for you to demonstrate your working knowledge.

We offer at-home recertification & email reminders so your certification does not lapse.

Fun CPR Training

Learning should be fun and easy, so we make our classes as enjoyable as possible!

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